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haluu haluu~~ sihat ka ni kamurang semua? hehehe.. kemarin ada adek yg misteri ni pi tag cp dalam satu game.. nama dia Budak Tawadhuk.. :) tekejut jugak cp sebab ndak pernah lagi main game macam nih..
  #pastu bahasa omputeh lagi.. heart attack trussss..=..='http://matcuoi.com

okay, let's start!
#sambil tergagap gagap..=_='

firstly, we need to read this rules~~!! :)
#err.. hentam seja la grammar aku tuh..http://matcuoi.com 

You must post this rules.
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create 11 new question for the people you tagged to answer.
3. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
5. No tag back!
6. No stuff in the tagging section about " YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a Really,Trust, with all Honesty) have tagged 11 people
pergghh susah..=_=' #tak penah haku tag sampai sebelas org..

okeh, straight to the questions..

11 things about me
  • born on November 13th.. jgn lupa bagi hadiah taw! hahaha.. haktuih!
  • I LOVE my Family forever and i love AMIRUL HADI ZAINAL so much!.. hahaha <3 ^_^y
  • 100 % made in Sabah  .. bagussss bah~~ eheeehehehe.. ^_^
  • i love to laugh..  ehee.. ask genk if u dont believe it ..=D
  • i have more than 5 nicknames! ^_^ sometimes i dunno either they call me or meow(cat).. =_='
  • easy to get FRIENDS easy to get ENEMIES! hahahaha.. dare to be my enemy?? o_0
  • i love food and cook.. yeah!!! Yummy!! ^_^
  • i HATE lizard and cockroach so MUCH! ggggwwwrrrrr!! i need shieldtox outdoor!! 
  •  Music is my SOUL ~~ =) but ZIKIR is always..
  • Unemployed.. =_=' penganggur berjaya..
  • they thought i'm a purplicious but now im gonna tell u the TRUTH, i'm pinkaholic! yea~yea~ i know.. i can see your blog color..-,-'
okay, now time to answer budak tawaduk questions!! # with my broken english! hehehe

#How many words in your name? [Exclude your father's name]
two ~ err.. excuse me, words or letter?
#Have you been punished in school? Why?
hahaha.. many times..  i am a lazy girl in the school. i often didn't finishing my homeworks, school assignments  and i'm still remember when i'm form 4, my english teacher, Mr. Ameiruel asked me to sing an english song in front of  my class because i didn't make my English Journal.. embarrassing!>,<

#What is your favourite quote?
learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow | girl like are phones, love to be held, talked too but if u press the wrong button, you'll be DISCONNECTED!!!!

#Where and when are you born?
Hospital Beaufort, Sabah on November 13th 1990

#State one incident that almost caught your life.
i skip chemistry class and sneak in account class, teacher looking for me in every class so i hide at the back of class door!! #thats why i score D for chemistry subject.. =,='

#Who is your idol?
no~~ i dont have any idol.. =_='

#Since when you're wearing the 'tudung'?
since 5 years old when i went to TADIKA.. =)

#Approximately, how heavy your school bag is?
around 1.75kg i guess.. hahaha.. 

#Did someone ever commented about your personalities? How did you respond?
yeah! my friends.. well.. i'm cool bebeh.. okay, tipu.. naaa~ i used to fight with my friend because of that.. >,< she never know me but she's talked to me like she know me for a long time.. dia mengutuk dan mengejek saya! =_='

#Where do you study? What class/stream are you?
SK. Pengiran Jaya Pimping for primary and SMK Membakut II for secondary and high school.. 
SPM > Science Stream (5 Arif), STPM > Humanity Studied(6 Al-Farabi)

#What are your dreams? [list more than two]
#Lose My weight

#Get a Job

#Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

#Amirul Hadi Zainal as my Boyfie.. haha =_=' perasan~


Now, my questions is..

  1. what is your nickname at home?
  2. where is the place you want to go?why?
  3. how many boyfriends besfriend(s) do you have? List them.
  4. if you live on a small island, who do you want to stay there with you?
  5. what you do before bed?
  6. do you have brothers and sisters? how many that you have?
  7. are you studying or working?
  8. what is freedom means to you?
  9. Love is?
  10. where is the farthest place that you ever go?
  11. why you answering all this questions?
fuh.. susahnya mau jawab soalan nih.. apa lagi pi buat soalan.. pergghhh.. memerah hotak la gua! hehehe.. tapi cp buat soalan yang soang sonang jo eh.. :) so, korang pahem pahem la soalan soalan broken english cp yang mengarut ngarut tuh yer! hahahaha.. skang masa untuk tag! yeah!! siapakah yg bertuah?
#nak pilih mereka yg terer cakap omputeh jap..

  1. Genkcorner
  2. Miss nadya
  3. Nurul Yui
  4. Echaaa
  5. Etong
  6. Eyryn
  7. Fiqra Cake
  8. Lyssa Faizureen
  9. Arulchelsea
  10. Natasya
  11. Mar
nota cumil: kalau kamurang suda buat.. kasi link sama saya arr nanti mau baca jugak.. =) uik.. jangan kasi ketawa cp punya urang puteh ni arr.. hahaha.. tau la hancurrr~~ :P

❤..Senang hati tak?? like yea!..(◕‿◕✿)❤

3 CP's Bestfriend(s):

Miss Nadya said...

tengs tag nad...nad kene join lah ni yer..hehe...berukband nad ni lambat sgt sebab skrg nad kat terengganu..:(

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

mak ai..pebenda ni..hahah..

byk lak tu..waaaa..hehe..

tq tag yer!

Miss Nadya said...

dah jawab syg..:)
jom baca..:)

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